6 Tips for Selecting a SMS Keyword

Selecting the right SMS Keyword should come down to these 6 SMS Keyword Tips .

As a general rule of thumb, you are looking for a Keyword which reflects your business, your brand, your product or your Business Genre for instance. Lets say that you had a Cafe called Panchoes Cafe & Pizza Restaurant. You have a couple of keyword options such as Panchoes, Pizza, Cafe, Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino – these are generic so its first in best dressed. So if you stick to the following rules your going to be in good shape;

  1. Make it easy to remember; Keep it simple – use your business name, product name or business type such as pizza, coffee, cafe, latte, food (if available – first in best dressed as they say)
  2. Check it with auto-correct; Always, always, always check the keyword on your mobile because you could miss out on leads who end up sending in an incorrect Keyword because of that damn auto-correct!
  3. Don’t get too smart; If a generic keyword has gone, don’t try and re-invent a new word by changing the letters (look at previous point)
  4. Don’t use special characters; Dropping in $ signs instead of an S does you no favors – it will only make it harder for your customers to join up because they are going to have to open up another keypad to find the symbol
  5. Stick with one Word; To make things simple, try to find a mobile keyword that is only one word. If you must have a mobile keyword that is two words (i.e. STORY BRIDGE), we would suggest purchasing two keywords, one without the space between the two words (i.e. STORYBRIDGE) and the other with the space between the two words (i.e STORY BRIDGE). Remember, it’s a computer responding, not a human.
  6. Keep it short; too many characters leaves plenty of room for it being misspelt and is also more time consuming for the customer.

So, act now and lock in your SMS Keyword so we can get your mobile marketing plan started.

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