6 simple tips for running a mobile marketing campaign for a coffee shop

  1. To get your mobile marketing campaign started, use QR codes or a keyword that your customers can SMS to receive a message containing a link to your mobile landing page or mobile site – the more convenience you offer your clients, the better off your mobile marketing campaign’s going to be.
  2. You can also offer a little incentive to your customers for signing up for your SMS marketing campaign – tell them that they can get a free small coffee if they sign up for your text message blasts.
  3. Make sure that your customers know that they can save a lot of money by getting discounts at your coffee shop via SMS.
  4. Include a loyalty card within your mobile site – this cuts down on printing costs, and your customer will always have their mobile phone with them when making a purchase
  5. You also want to make sure that your staff members mention the SMS campaign to all the customers who enter your store – even the ones who don’t seem like they are from the area.
  6. Never be too pushy when you approach customers about subscribing to your mobile marketing campaign. It’s a very easy way to get people who otherwise would be happy to subscribe to avoid subscribing – as well as your coffee shop – for a very, very long time.

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